Stretch before you begin the class or exercise. Just as you would before any other form of exercise, you should do some light stretching to warm before you begin to pole dance. Stand straight and then bend down to touch your toes, roll your neck and shoulders, and stretch your hamstrings by pulling one foot back with your toes touching your butt until you feel a nice stretch on each hamstring.[6]
We all have things that make us feel great and energized and things that completely zap our energy. Maybe you’re someone who likes to move quickly but you’re drowning in detail; maybe you’re someone who thrives when you are on top of things and you’re feeling like everything is completely out of control. Or maybe you thrive on spontaneity and variety and you’re bored with your life.
You’ve been diligently incorporating all those lovely split stretches into your training and propping your leg up on any available surface at every opportunity. I know the drill— you’re waiting for the kettle to boil in the staff room, leg casually extended on the worktop and Barbara from accounting comes in looking more confused and irked than ever. It’s for the splits gains, Barbara, deal with it.
1. Crunches This is one popular ab exercise, but let's try it in a more effective way: Lie on your back on a mat with your knees bent, feet flat on the floor and hands at your ears...not holding your head! You want to make your abs do the work of pulling your body up off of the floor, not your hands pulling your head. Inhale and while exhaling, squeeze your abs and raise your shoulders up off of the floor. is a powerful “secret weapon” for impressing your friends and improving your dating life! Vimbly’s like having a friendly concierge in your pocket with a vast selection of super fun ideas of things to do in the city – everything from how to wow a first date to putting together a fun activity for your peeps. Vimbly hooks you up with a no hassle booking process and makes you seem like an expert in what’s going down in the city.

Join us for a fast paced, high energy one hour workout. We focus on trick techniques and building strength and finesse using the pole for twirls, climbs, inversions, holds, transitions and prep exercises. Each week will include core and pole work. Most challenging does not mean most advanced, but this one will get your heart rate up and your skills built! This class is for those of you who want a challenge. Prerequisite: Completion of Pole 1 recommended.
Pole dance requires significant strength, flexibility and endurance. In a commercial pseudo-erotic setting, however, pole dance is often performed less gymnastically and is used more as a prop in striptease, Go-Go or lap dancing, with the performer simply holding the pole or moving around it without performing acrobatics. Pole dance proper involves athletic moves such as climbs, spins, and body inversions using the limbs to grip. Upper body and core strength are required to attain proficiency, and rigorous training is necessary.
Slide down the pole. You can slide down using the basic fireman slide, which means just holding onto the pole with your arms and legs as you slide. Or, you can hold on to the pole with your hands and release your legs just for a moment. Bring them out in front of you and rock your hips as you move your legs down to the ground. This method will take a bit longer to master but it will look and feel fantastic.[17]
Our instructors are all experts at the art, and have numerous credentials to their name. They have been pole-dancing for many years, and all of them have plenty to offer not only in technique, but in the hottest new moves and trends pole-dancers use today! Each and every one of them are entirely dedicated to their craft, and strive every day not only to improve their students techniques and help them find their unique style, but also to become the best teachers they possibly can to further mentor their students towards success. They care about teaching, they care about the art, and they care about you, the student.
A wide range of amateur and professional competitions are held in many countries around the world. They are strictly non-nude and focus on pole dance as an athletic and artistic form of dance and fitness. The first "Miss Pole Dance World" competition was held in November 2005 in Amsterdam and Elena Gibson from the UK won the championship. The following day Elena was disqualified by the organizer John Benner amongst much controversy and the title went to the runner up Reiko Suemune from Japan.[citation needed]
In this class, you will learn more complex and combined spins, as well as exploring inversions, tricks and holds. We will combine flow and power in this hour!!! We will also dedicate time in this class to work on what we've been trying to master as individuals on our Pole journeys. We will incorporate spin and static pole moves. Prerequisite: Minimum two months experience.
“Pole, and the expression of dance, is so much fun that it's easy to lose track of time. When you don't realize how long you've been training for, your endurance increases with little effort. It's also possible to become so distracted by the determination to get a new move that one doesn't realise how much muscle power they are using. It's only the next day or two when your body feels stiff that you become aware of the good workout pole fitness provides.” says Tarryn.
Flexibility and Stretching class will provide you with a broad spectrum of practical knowledge and exercises in the field of stretching and flexibility so that you can apply them directly to your routine life. Flexibility is a major fitness component that is often absent in most fitness programs because of which most people suffer from tight muscles or get injured during exercise because they are not flexible enough to perform workout regularly. As we age, we lose our flexibility and the only way to prevent our muscles from stiffening is to actively and regularly stretch and employ a stretching routine that keeps our bodies at an ideal level of flexibility.

This exercise is a little bit more intermediate than the Sitting Up Pole Exercise. It requires you to start from a standing position with your hands in a split grip (one hand is high and the other hand is low) instead of together, which is a common grip in many advanced moves and exercises. The Pole Knee Lift Exercise will help improve your core and upper body strength which is very important if you intend on learning more difficult tricks and lifts.

We all have things that make us feel great and energized and things that completely zap our energy. Maybe you’re someone who likes to move quickly but you’re drowning in detail; maybe you’re someone who thrives when you are on top of things and you’re feeling like everything is completely out of control. Or maybe you thrive on spontaneity and variety and you’re bored with your life.
We offer privates lessons in wide variety of dance and fitness forms: Pole Dancing, Lap Dancing, Striptease, GoGo Dancing, Ballroom, Salsa, Belly Dancing, Pilates and Yoga. Privates are very beneficial to work on areas specific to you; whether you want a poster analysis with Pilates, a private lap dance for your significant other, a stage routine or a specific strength and/or flexibility routine. Our certified instructors are experts in their field and will patiently help you achieve your creative fitness goals. Please contact us to schedule your private sessions.
I work with many clients, especially moms, who wonder why they are so tired all the time. When I ask them to tell me about “a day in their life”, I get something like this: 6am wake-up , exercise, get the kids off to school, work, drive to after-school activities, get dinner on the table, do hosework, coordinate schedules, bath and bed time (for the kids of course), and then back to work after the kids go to bed. And they wonder why they are tired?

As an adolescent, Mona struggled with her looks.  Perhaps she lacked the confidence in her unique beauty; conceivably she felt that she was not as pretty as the other girls.  However, by the age of fifteen she began to blossom. She embraced her distinctive looks, and toned body. Mona started to model for Jamal Turner for Motion Models where she trained in various aspects of fashion and runway and soon noticed that she had an undeniable passion for it. “I had a killer walk,” she recalls! Standing at a petite 64 inches, her walk and unique style set her apart form the other models.  Despite her tiny stature, she was able to stand tall and capture the crowd’s attention. Mona did various fashion shows for designer clothing lines, such as M! Fashions, and was part of a team of models called Mally’s Angels, (which too was run by Jamal Turner).   
Stand with feet hip width, slight bend in knees, arms at side. Lift arms straight in front of you to shoulder height. Open to a T. Return arms to front then raise them straight overhead. Keep shoulders down away from ears. Circle arms back down to a T at shoulder height then repeat the sequence in reverse direction. Go twice as slow as you think you should to make sure your form is correct.

Muscular endurance training is best described as repetitive activities that teach your muscles to exert force without getting fatigued. It’s all about learning your body and knowing when you can push out one more rep and when you should stop. Examples of this are bootcamp, conditioning, parkour, free running, plyometrics and some of the above cardio exercises.
 THE WALK SERIES- Polettes will learn the importance of exuding confidence, grace, and great posture while walking in heels. Polettes will be taught how to walk properly in heels with poise through a series of walk routines, runway technic and the ability to demand attention with every stride whether you are walking to the pole or the corner store. (Open Level)

3. If you can try to take as many classes, workshops, lessons with different people so you can find what suits you the best. For me the best results I had when I was stretching and training at least 4 times a week. I did some private ballet classes and then flexibility afterwards. Ballet warms you up so much. That it is so much easier to stretch. You will get beautiful lines, pointed toes and strength. Good luck with your training  – Love Anastasia.

Instead of standing next to a pole and trying your hardest using just your own upper body strength to pull down with your arms and tuck your knees to your chest, the band helps you by allowing you to condition before you have all the necessary strength to pull yourself upside down. One of the greatest misconceptions in the pole world is that you have to be athletic, able to do a pull-up, flexible, already fit, or a dancer to start. Each and every one of these is a total myth. When I started pole I couldn’t touch my toes, I could never do a pull-up, and I hadn’t done anything athletic in over 7 years. Now I am a world competitor and have the flexibility to do the splits (side and middle). The real truth is that it takes time and conditioning. Dance stretch bands are part of that equation. If you cannot do a pull-up, you tie the band to the pole above your head, step inside of the pole band, and start doing pull-ups and allow the assistance of the band to help bounce you up, and assist your natural strength. As you get stronger you’ll use lighter resistance bands until you no longer need a band.
2. Be aware of what movements you’re training in each session and what part of the body is most stressed in each. Structure your training so that your body has the chance to recover from the workout of the day or two before. For example, if you trained repetitions of deadlifts one day, give your shoulders a break the next (in particular from repetitions of the same movement).

Just as pole can have nothing to do with sexuality, it can also be extremely sexual. Pole dancing allows women to become more closely connected to their bodies, which helps them express their sexuality on their own terms. This better understanding of their bodies leads to more enjoyment in those bodies. Many women have proudly told me that their sex lives have improved after taking up pole dancing. And this is not necessarily because they've learned moves that their partners find arousing. They are more likely to ask for what they want in bed and less likely to encourage what they don’t. They also feel more comfortable in their bodies, which is always a helpful quality in the bedroom.
“Most people breathe in to the chest only (shallow breathing) and don’t allow the breath to reach deeper into the abdominal region, due to stress and anxiety. Shifting the breath down, so that it expands the belly (and all the muscles that comprise the diaphragm) is one of the best ways to shift our awareness, quiet the mind, release tension and increase our energy levels”.
Even if you think dancing sexily with a bunch of other women as a form of exercise is too embarrassing or ridiculous for words, remember that everyone else in the room is probably too focused on herself and on mastering the moves to notice anyone else. “There’s no way to tell someone not to feel shy or insecure, because you’re participating in an activity known to be super sexy and it looks really difficult. But if you’re having fun, you don’t look ridiculous—you simply look like you’re having fun,” Layne advises. “And that’s the best attitude to have when going into it!” This positive outlook often extends well after class ends, too. Some report feeling more confident and proud of their bodies after taking a pole dancing class, perhaps because women are rarely given chances to celebrate their femininity and sensuality so openly. There are many physical benefits of pole dancing, but the potential sense of empowerment that comes from channeling one’s inner sex kitten shouldn’t be discounted, either.

Each segment breaks down, explains and drills the basic moves and an easy-to-grasp step sequence that shows how to use it. The movement starts slowly, then progresses to full speed. It covers the mechanics of basic movements, safety, demonstrates where those fundamentals will take you with variations and has a short routine at the beginning of the video.
Despite progress in the public’s understanding of what we do, many of us still fight stereotypes. Some of pole dancing’s loudest critics have never tried it themselves. Just last year, Marina Heck, a schoolteacher, was forced to resign from her position following controversy that she is a pole dancer. Even if what we are doing is completely athletic and far removed from the type of pole dancing performed in strip clubs, we still need to explain ourselves. Many times when revealing to strangers what it is I do, I find myself hesitating because I don’t feel like justifying my passion to a skeptic.